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Road Analyzer Template Seed File

All templates are saved to the Road Analyzer Template seed file within TDS. When you create a Road Analyzer Template, all configuration information is nested within the corresponding template header and stored in properties that are contained within the network or event layer JSON data structures within the template. The purpose of this section is to help you understand the JSON code within the template so that you can customize the user experience.

The following topics (Starting with the JSON Template File Header) are organized by the configurable features and data items within RA. Additionally, each topic is nested under its parent data structure to mimic the JSON file.

Note: Most of these features and data items are configurable through the user interface within Road Analyzer but some settings are configured through the LRS Metadata within App Manager or the Map Service. Additionally, a few settings require manually editing the JSON code within a template.

JSON Template File Header

Network Layers

Event Layers