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Report an Error

The Report an Error dialog can be accessed from the Help menu and is meant to provide users with the ability to send error reports when the application does not behave the way the user expects it to. In addition to the "Error Description" the recipient of the error report will also receive the application log for the session in which the error was reported.

Note: For this option to show in the Help menu you will first need to fill in the Error Report Email Address in the Application Configuration dialog for the active profile.


To send an error report:

  1. Enter Your Name, so the recipient knows who had the issue.
  2. Enter Your Email, so the recipient has a way to contact you if they need more information about the error.
  3. In the Error Description input box, enter a detailed description about the error.

    Tip: Enter the steps that you took to get the error; the more details the easier it will be to get the problem fixed.

  4. Click Send to submit the error report.