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Application Log

The Application Log is accessed from the Help dropdown menu found in the top navigation bar and provides a visual list of steps and actions that have taken place. The main purpose of this tool is to provide a high-level audit log, as well as a diagnostic tool to find services in the application that may not be performing well. The application log will automatically be attached to any Error Report that a user enters.


Each row in the log represents a single action or output statement. Any row that is nested under another row means that the nested row was executed under that action. A row with other nested rows will be displayed as a folder icon. You can collapse or expand that row by clicking the folder icon.

The far right section of each row states the approximate time that the particular action/task took to perform. The time specified for a row that has nested rows represents the total amount of time that task/row took to perform (should be close to the sum of any nested rows).

Note: The elapsed times listed in each row are only estimates. Some elapsed times are easier to track than others so accuracy may vary.