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Advanced Print URL Parameters

The Advanced Print URL Parameters feature provides the ability to turn layers on/off by passing the print parameters through the URL.


To add advanced print parameters to a URL, first add a question mark (?) to the end of a fully validated URL. Then add the below parameters, as needed, to adjust the print view you want of the stick and/or bar panels. If you are using more than one parameter in the URL, the parameters will need to be separated by an ampersand (&), as shown in the Examples below.

Parameters Syntax


breakLabels breakLabels=true/false Turns on or off the automatic adjustment of labels based on the selected Printable Image Width. If turned on, whenever labels and ticks marks are on a page break, they will be shown on both pages.
pageWidth pageWidth=[amount of inches] This sets the width of the printable area. Labels and page break indicators will be placed based on the width entered.


Turns on or off red vertical lines to show where the images will be broken when printed.

tickDistance tickDistance=[unit of measure] Adjusts the frequency of the "tick marks" at the top and bottom of the SLD based on the unit entered.
milesPerPage milesPerPage=[number of miles] Sets the number of miles displayed per page.