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Search by Map

The Search by Map tool provides the ability to find and select routes by clicking on a map. The map provides the ability to change the underlying basemap, zoom, pan, "click to find" features, as well as turn on and off the visibility of polygon layers.


  1. Select the map style desired from the options at the bottom of the map. These options include: Hybrid (Streets and Satellite combined), Streets, Satellite, Topo, Gray, Dark Gray, Terrain, and Osm.
  2. Zoom in/out to a desired location on the map by using the +/- buttons or scrolling your mouse wheel.
  3. Pan the map to a desired location by holding down your left mouse button and moving the mouse (release to stop panning).
  4. Single left click your mouse button to select a feature on the map.

Note: If a feature was found, it will be highlighted on the map and displayed in the map's header bar. If no features were found within the allowed tolerance, then a "no routes found" message will be displayed in the map's header bar.