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Route Selection View

Before loading a route in Road Analyzer, you will use the "Route Selection View" to filter the routes in the LRS, populate the Route list, then select a route from the Route list to load and analyze.

You can filter and select a route in Road Analyzer several ways:

  • Search By Hierarchy – using a series of dropdown menus to select location criteria to filter routes
  • Search By Geography – using your GPS location or a specific latitude/longitude location to filter routes
  • Search By Query – using advanced search by querying with a SQL where clause to filter routes
  • Search by Text - entering the full or partial route ID text to find route(s)
  • Search By Map – using the interactive route selection map and clicking a route on the map
  • Search By Recently Selected Route – loading a route previously selected during a use session

Once you have filtered the Route list using one of the above selection tools, you select a route from the list (if there is only one route it will automatically be selected) to load. Once a route is selected, you can change the from and to measure to focus the segment that you want to analyze.

Tip: You can limit the length of the segment you are going to load to increase the performance of the SLD. The application will respond faster by loading smaller sections of roadway. You can easily load additional miles from the SLD screen. The suggested maximum number of miles to load at one time is 30 miles - depending on what event layers are configured to be visible initially.