Related Records

The Related Records tool provides a way to view any related records for the selected asset in a tabular and interactive manner. To display the Related Records for an asset (if available), click on the asset in the Stick Panel or Bar Panel to display the Asset Data Dialog, and select the Related Records tab.

To have this option available, you will need to set the “queryRelationships” property of the desired layer to true. This can be done by creating a template with App Manager's Web Service Execution Tool.

Example: URL: ../../api/apps/ra/profiles/tss/templates
POST Request Body: {"name": "Template", "isPublic": true, "appProfileId": "tss", "adhereToLayerLimit": true, "dataSourceId": "dot", "creationDate": "2016-12-16T13:10:59.107", "eventLayers": [ {"id": 36, "queryRelationships": true}]}


The grid will automatically try to size columns based on the number of columns visible. You can scroll left or right to view more columns or data.