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RA Event Editor Widget Installation

The steps below detail how to install the Road Analyzer Event Editor widget into the Event Editor:

Heads Up! When a new version of the ArcGIS server is released, you will need to update your Event Editor widget with our latest version. If your ArcGIS version stays the same, then no update of the Event Editor widget is needed.

  1. Copy the js folder to the root of Event Editor.

    Note: This will merge it in with the existing js directory.

  2. Update the web map configuration file. Open “*_webmap.json” located at Event Editor’s root directory. Add a roadAnalyzerAppUrl property and point it to the road analyzer URL. A “sample_webmap.json” is included in the folder.
  3. Add markup to the Event Editor ribbon. Open the “Ribbon.html” located at “<event editor directory>\js\esri\roads\ribbon\templates\” with text editor. Insert the following markup right after the “Identify group”. A “sample_ribbon.html” is included in the folder.

    <!--Road Analyzer group--> <div> <span>SLD Tools</span> <div class="esriRibbonLargeButton" dojoAttachPoint="_selectSldRouteMenu" title="Launch Straight Line Diagram" data-ribbon="launchWidget:roads.dijit.RoadAnalyzer.SelectSldRoute" iconClass="iconButtonselectByRouteIcon16"> <img src="img/genericSearch32.png"/> Launch SLD </div> </div>