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MUTCD Sign Lookup

One of the options you have in Road Analyzer for sign display in the stick panel is to use the built-in MUTCD sign image directory. As long as you have sign code field values set in your data set, Road Analyzer will use the field value to "look-up" the corresponding sign to display. You also have the option to add you own custom signs images to the directory.

Using the built-in MUTCD Sign Lookup requires only a few configurations:

  • Your data must contain sign code field values
  • The sign field must be set to MUTCDCODE in Styling Settings for your signs layer
  • The stick image for signs must be set to MUTCD Sign Lookup

Heads Up! If you overwrite an image, the next time you upgrade Road Analyzer, your custom image will get overwritten from the new product installation. Images that you have not overwritten, but just added to the folder, will stay there until you manually remove them (upgrades will not affect them).

Note: Images can not be nested in any folder, unless the MUTCD field value (in the data) specifically has that folder in the value (ex: SOME_FOLDER/E1-5). Otherwise, all images must be placed in the root of the "mutcd" directory.