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Configure Portal for ArcGIS

TDS can be configured to allow its’ applications to consume map service data from a secured map server federated with an ArcGIS Portal.


When TDS is properly configured to consume Portal for ArcGIS content, when accessing an application that consumes this data, the following work flow will be observed:

  1. User launches a TDS application that has a data source which is pointing to a secure Map Server (federated with Portal for ArcGIS).
  2. The application will provide a dialog asking the user to “Sign In” with Portal.

    Note: It is necessary to have the user confirm this action in order to prevent the browser popup blocker from blocking the next step.

  3. Once the user clicks the SIGN IN button, a popup window will open, and the user will be presented with the Portal for ArcGIS authentication method (the exact method varies per Portal configuration).
  4. Once the user is authenticated, within Portal for ArcGIS, the popup window will close, the dialog will disappear, and the application will continue loading as normal.
  5. The token will automatically be refreshed with Portal (behind the scenes) for as long as it can. However, once the token can no longer be refreshed the user will be required to repeat steps 2 through 4 to obtain a new access token.


To allow TDS applications to consume data from a secured map service which is federated with Portal for ArcGIS, the following steps must be taken: