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Overview of User Roles and User Access

All features, actions, and service calls, are tied to a specific permission or privilege in the application. Privileges can be granted or denied to any role, and users can only access functions assigned to their role. Rather than assigning application privileges to each user, roles are created and assigned privileges to ensure the appropriate level of security. Users are then assigned to the role appropriate for their job function.

Anonymous Access

If a role with the name "Anonymous Access" exists, then any privilege assigned to that role will be accessible by anyone (no authentication necessary). This "Guest Access" should typically be configured to restrict access to any configuration components, and only grant access to "view-only" operations.

Authenticated Users

If you have credentials for the application you can enter them in the User Sign In area. Once you have successfully signed in, any features available to you (depending on your user role(s) will be made available/visible. See the Roles, Role Privileges, and User Roles sections for information on configuring authenticated user roles.

Note: If you do not see functionality that you expect to see, please contact the site's administrator and request to have the particular functionality made available to you.