You are here: I'm an administrator and need to install and configure Application Manager

I'm an administrator and need to install and configure Application Manager

Take a look at the following to install and set up Application Manager and your other Transcend applications in a flash.

Installation Requirements

Please review and familiarize yourself with the following requirements below prior to installation.

Review the Application Architecture requirements and recommendations.


For New Installations

Follow the installation steps below to install TDS (App Manager) and our web applications.

Further detailed information on the underlying web application framework that App Manager sits on top of, including additional installation guidelines and technical specifications, see the Expanding Knowledge section.

Updating an Existing Installation

To update the application, simply run the new installer and the previous application version will automatically be updated to the new one. If you are using any configuration store other than the default (SQL Compact Edition), then it is recommended that you create a backup of the configuration store database prior to upgrading any software.

Note: The application installer will automatically make a copy of the application's web.config and configuration database (if it is using SQL Server Compact) before performing the upgrade. If you are not running a standard configuration, it is recommenced to backup your files manually.

Heads Up! Whenever a product installer is run, the application will automatically be taken offline. If you are not running a standard configuration, we recommend you manually take the application offline. This will ensure it is not accessible to the public which could interfere with the installation process.

Google Maps and Bing Maps API Disclaimer

Google Maps: All Google Maps JavaScript API applications are subject to the limitations of Google's Terms of Service. Therefore to use any imbedded Google Map tools within the applications, you will need to adhere to Google's Terms of Service - this typically means you need to purchase an enterprise license. To learn more please visit Google Maps' Get a Key/Authentication page.

Bing Maps: Using the Bing Maps API in authentication restricted applications may require the purchase of the Bing Maps API License. Please refer to their Bing Maps API licensing options for more information.